Age of the Rebellion

Valley of the Jedi part 3/Rorak 5

The hunt for Anton

As the dust settled from the fight with Uvell, our scoundrels found themselves wandering the beaten path from which they came leading them to the meditation chamber. The most sacared and most iconic part of the Jedi Ruins. Upon entering they are met with a door seemingly unable to open. After an attempted forced entry by Dhaelann, Dr. Ood's pulls out his lightsaber and cuts his way into the room. As the doors open color shoots in all direction as the bright and shiny colors of the Kyber crystal reflect their beauty at our group. Moments pass and they head up a long flight of stairs eventually leading to an observation deck looking over the entire valley, able to see ever person working, and not working, in the valley below. Next to their ship a firespray seemingly familiar was next to theirs and would later be identified as the Slave-I. As they proceed down toward their ship Boba Fett, infamous bounty hunter, is off loading more prisoners for the excavation site. After a brief conversation with him, he leaves and fades away into the dust filled sky. Soon after our group follows suit and leaves Ruusan and heads to a station called Rorak 5(See below). 

Upon arriving to the station the are greeted by a protocol droid, XG-1, who takes them to Grakuss's personal office for the payment and transfer of items. 


kevin_guevara1993 kevin_guevara1993

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