Age of the Rebellion

Strike against the empire
Xa Fel/ Corulag

Valley of the Jedi part 3/Rorak 5
The hunt for Anton

As the dust settled from the fight with Uvell, our scoundrels found themselves wandering the beaten path from which they came leading them to the meditation chamber. The most sacared and most iconic part of the Jedi Ruins. Upon entering they are met with a door seemingly unable to open. After an attempted forced entry by Dhaelann, Dr. Ood's pulls out his lightsaber and cuts his way into the room. As the doors open color shoots in all direction as the bright and shiny colors of the Kyber crystal reflect their beauty at our group. Moments pass and they head up a long flight of stairs eventually leading to an observation deck looking over the entire valley, able to see ever person working, and not working, in the valley below. Next to their ship a firespray seemingly familiar was next to theirs and would later be identified as the Slave-I. As they proceed down toward their ship Boba Fett, infamous bounty hunter, is off loading more prisoners for the excavation site. After a brief conversation with him, he leaves and fades away into the dust filled sky. Soon after our group follows suit and leaves Ruusan and heads to a station called Rorak 5(See below). 

Upon arriving to the station the are greeted by a protocol droid, XG-1, who takes them to Grakuss's personal office for the payment and transfer of items. 

Valley of the Jedi part 2
Meeting Master Uvell

Continuing from last times session our group ventures forth through the rest of the ruins and finding the remains of the Jedi Knights and Masters barracks along with what seemed like rebellion sympathizers. While they entered the barracks blaster fire was heard echoing through the ruins, but off in a far distance. As the exit the barracks in the last parts of the ruins the blaster fire intensified once again, this time they sought it out only to find a room of corpses and a lone Jedi named Uvell.  Dr. Ood  would try and talk with the Jedi, but would only get little out of him before Dhaelann threw a thermal detonator at the Jedi. Calling to the force quickly Uvell had just enough time to stop the Grenade 10m from him, but it wasn't far enough as he was scorched by the fire produced by the bomb. Seizing the opportunity to use the Grenade blast as a distraction he called the force once more healing his burn marks and restoring his strength. The fight would last some time as Dhaelann was paralyzed for most the fight and Tekras and IG-57 continually shot down field toward the jedi receiving some of their own blaster fire from his deflections. Tekras was badly hurt for most of the fight, but Dr. Ood kept him up and fighting. Although not able to protect his Armour which was almost completely destroyed. As a last ditch effort to stop them Uvell threw Tekras against Ood and charged IG-57 destroying their weapon, but it was all for not as Tekras stood up and took one final shot at Uvell's back leaving a searing hot hole through him. Quickly Ood Rose up and grabbed the blue lightsaber for himself. IG-57 searched the rest of him finding another Jedi Council medallion and a datapad reading 

"To: Anton Barch. Your Information from Rorak 5 was correct the Valley of the Jedi is held by the Hutts. I will meet you on Rorak 5 when I obtain the holocron. Stay safe and stay out of the Empires Reach.

Now the question is raised, who is Anton Barch…

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Valley of the Jedi part 1

As the group enters into the atmosphere of Ruusan Dhaelann  made a spectacular landing kicking up dirt and setting her yt-2400 down as gently as a feather hitting the floor. After meeting the camp leader and his 2 Captains they explore a bit of the camp and find some weapons at the Armory along with the arms master asleep at his post. As they approach the temple entrance Dhaelann draws her weapon on a slave who was trying to plead for help from the new members of the camp. Moments later the slave is shocked and kicked back to her post. 

Once in the temple they discover a few bodies on the walk down toward the surface lift. After closer inspection it seems a they had been stabbed and burned. After finally reaching the lift the group stops short of the surface after noticing the opening hatch to the surface was not opening. They then reach one of the quarters of the people who lived here in the temple and recover a few artifacts, jedi robes and the skeletons of those who once were there.. 

As they approach the next area the find a few enemies around the corner in what looks like is a training center. After some fighting with melee training statues Dhaelann quietly powers up both training terminals and is prompted with a few training simulations. As she clicks on the advanced ranged training simulation 4 heavy turrets appear and begin shooting at all group members unexpectedly.


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