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Star Wars



 It is 5 years before the destruction of the Death Star and Rebel cells are gaining strength in the war against the Empire. As the war wages between these two faction the hiring smugglers, assassins and mercenaries have increased on both sides. Each side have their own ways to gain support of these criminals. For the Empire, money. For the Rebel Alliance, fighting the tyranny that holds them all down.


 Some still stick to their traditional ways of working for the hutts. One group of 4 ruthless friends travel the Galaxy in their YT-2400 willing work for any, if the price is right.


 By the contract of Grakkus the Hutt the group is sent to the Planet Ruusan in search of Jedi and Trade Federation artifacts. As they descend onto Ruusan's mysterious surface the job may not be worth what they were payed…


Age of the Rebellion

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